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I got fired today.

I love you.

What does "you did this" mean??

Why do you want to know that? 

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Don't delete :/

I am. 

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wtf don't delete :( I love your blog.

I’m sorry but I am. I’m just getting contact info of blogs I’ll follow if I ever make a new one. 

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Why are you deleting?

because I’m sad. It’ll never go away. No matter how much I bury it comes at me when I visit tumblr. So I’ve stayed away. I might just let it die. There’s no use to this for me. I have a bunch of followers and close friends I message back and forth here but It’s not worth it. There is so much I want to say. But it will only fall on deaf ears. 

I’m going to disappear for a bit maybe ever. 

A few last things though, I have my tickets to go to Brazil in the summer after that i’ll go to jamaica. Then to harry potter world. 

You did this…..

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I’m deleting this tumblr soon. goodbye. 

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I love joints to much
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